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“I see myself in a different light”: participants’ views of a group occupational therapy programme to promote wellbeing during unemployment
O'Mahony, Susan
Unemployment rates in Ireland are high and have risen, despite the economic recession officially ending in 2010. This study investigates the participants’ experience of a group occupational therapy programme to promote wellbeing during unemployment. The participants completed an eight week group programme which draws upon the understanding of the relationship between work, health and wellbeing. There is a paucity of research within the profession of occupational therapy of interventions targeted at maintaining the wellbeing of the unemployed. Previous studies have neglected to give attention to the participants’ experience of such interventions. In this qualitative study, five participants completed an individual, semi-structured interview. Three main themes: change, self-evaluation and group support evolved in the thematic analysis, which contributed to the success of the programme from the participants’ perspective. The programme supports change in patterns of thinking and doing, and facilitates selfevaluation. The group support is an important element of the programme. The participants made several recommendations to guide similar groups in the future. The findings of this study highlight the key role occupational therapy can play in supporting people to maintain their physical and mental health during unemployment, and ensuring they are ready to reenter the workforce when employment becomes available.
Keyword(s): unemployment; occupational therapy; health and wellbeing; group intervention; participants' experience; evaluation
Publication Date:
Type: Master thesis (taught)
Peer-Reviewed: No
Language(s): English
Institution: University of Limerick
Publisher(s): University of Limerick
Supervisor(s): Warren, Alison F
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