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2012 - That was the year that was
Geriatric medicine has an encyclopaedic sweep, reflecting the complexity of both the ageing process and of our patient group. Keeping up with, and making sense of, the relevant scientific literature is challenging, especially as ageing has increased in prominence as a focus of research across many branches of the sciences and the humanities. This review of research published in 2012 in generalist, geriatric medicine and gerontology journals has been compiled with a view to extracting those aspects of research into ageing which could be considered relevant not only to the practice of geriatric medicine, but also to our understanding of the ageing process and the relationship of geriatric medicine to other medical specialties and public health. The research discussed includes new insights into global ageing and the compression of morbidity; nosological, clinical and therapeutic aspects of dementia; an innovative study on the microbiome and ageing; epidemiological perspectives into multi-morbidity; an overview of the impact of the first waves of Baby Boomers; fresh thinking on geriatric syndromes such as orthostatic hypotension, kyphosis, urinary incontinence after stroke, frailty and elder abuse; an update of the Beers criteria and the first stirrings of recognition of the longevity dividend in the biomedical literature.
Keyword(s): global health; gerontology research; geriatric medicine; ageing; Ageing; Neuroscience
Publication Date:
Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Language(s): English
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Citation(s): O'Neill, D, 2012 That was the year that was, Age and Ageing, 42, 2, 2013, 140-4
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