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Fitness and game based assessment of U-18 Gaelic football players
Cullen, Bryan
Fitness profiling is a descriptive process that involves benchmarking the fitness characteristics of elite athletes. Three studies were undertaken to evaluate the physical and fitness characteristics, movement patterns and physiological demands during match play in U-18 Gaelic football players. Study 1 established normative centile scores for selected fitness parameters, and compared the physical and fitness characteristics relative to playing position. Midfield players and goalkeepers were taller and heavier than defenders and forwards. Goalkeepers had the highest sum of 3 skinfolds and covered less distance in the YYIRT1 than all other positions. There was no significant positional difference in the performance scores in the S&R test, CMJ, SLJ and 5 m and 20 m running speed. The results indicate that there are minimal differences in fitness characteristics between outfield playing positions. Studies 2 and 3 analysed the movement patterns and physiological demands during match play in county and club level players. County players covered a greater distance and performed a higher number of maximal sprint efforts (≥ 20 Km.h-1) per game. County players also exercised at a significantly higher %HRmax and spent a greater percentage of playing time between 91-100%HRmax than club players. There was a significant reduction in the total distance covered, frequency of high intensity activity, %HRmax and percentage of playing time between 91-100%HRmax in both club level and county level players. County level games involve a higher physical and physiological demand than club games. A greater technical ability and tactical understanding of the game is the major difference between county and club U-18 Gaelic football players. Publication of norm-referenced percentile scores will enable conditioning coaches to benchmark elite performance and design training programmes. The development of training strategies will be enhanced with an understanding of movement patterns and physiological demands of Gaelic football match play.
Keyword(s): Exercise; Physiology; Sports sciences; Gaelic football; Adolescents; Activity-profile
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Type: Other
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Contributor(s): Moyna, Niall
Institution: Dublin City University
Citation(s): Cullen, Bryan (2014) Fitness and game based assessment of U-18 Gaelic football players. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
Publisher(s): Dublin City University. School of Health and Human Performance
File Format(s): application/pdf
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