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Implementation of a CDIO compliant syllabus in a large engineering programme
The role of the engineer in industry has evolved, with to day?s engineering businesses seeking engineers with abilities and attributes in two broad areas - te chnical understanding and enabling skills. Institutions within the engi neering community such as ABET, the RAE and members of the CDIO initiative have highlighted a need for new approaches to learning and teaching of engineering within our academic institutions. A common paradigm of engineer ing third level education sees a first year syllabus which introduces basic engineering sciences and mathem atics, proceeding in subsequent years through more applied science and discipline specific t echnologies, and culminating with a variety of ?capstone? courses and a substa ntial engineering project. In many cases the key engineering skills of synthesis, creativity, de sign and implementation are only r eally given full expression at this (late) stage. This paper reports on the implementation of a ne w project based design course at first year level of an engineering degree programme. The project, carr ied out in groups of six, uses the design and construction of a ?Mangonel?, or catapul t, as its primary task. The detail of the course, the learning outcomes, and the resource overhead are presented as well as a discussion on the initial results from the programme.
Keyword(s): Education; Design; CDIO; Inclusive Society
Publication Date:
Type: Conference item
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Language(s): English
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Citation(s): Bennett G., Lyons G., Kelly K., Implementation of a CDIO compliant syllabus in a large engineering programme, 25th International Manufacturing Conference, Dublin Institute of Technology, 03/09/2008, Robert Simpson, 2008, 315 - 322
Alternative Title(s): 25th International Manufacturing Conference
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