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Health-Care Associated Infection Rates among Adult Patients in Bahrain Military Hospital: A cross sectional survey
Whitford, David L; Ofurum, Keleichi Austin
Background/Objective: Health-care associated infections cause substantial morbidity and mortality with their prevalence varying between countries and hospitals. There are no published studies of health-care associated infections in hospitals in Bahrain and few in general military hospitals.Setting: Bahrain Defense Force Hospital.Design: Survey.The aim study is to establish the prevalence of health-care associated infections in a general military hospital in Bahrain.Method: A cross-sectional survey of a random sample of 500 medical records in the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital was carried out to ascertain the prevalence of health-care associated infections.Result: Four health-care associated infections were recorded – a prevalence of 0.87% (95% CI 0.34-2.22). Two of the infections were surgical site infections while the other two were skin infections.Conclusion: This study revealed that the prevalence of health-care associated infections is lower than recorded in most published studies.
Keyword(s): Nosocomical infections; Bahrain Military Hospital; Survey; Community Health and Preventive Medicine; Medicine and Health Sciences; Public Health
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Type: Other
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Institution: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Citation(s): Family and Community Medicine Articles
Publisher(s): e-publications@RCSI
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