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A comparative study of high voltage overhead lines and high voltage underground cables
Flood, Micheál
Currently in Ireland, in line with directions from the EU Heads of State and Governments there is a €4 Billion plan set out to update the electrical transmission system across the country by increasing the existing network by about 20%. It is proposed that this electrical infrastructural upgrade is to be carried out by incorporating new lengths of high voltage overhead lines into the existing network. However since these plans were made aware to the public there has been out-pouring of controversy and concerns towards the proposals. Considerable concerns towards perceived health effects, environmental issues and property devaluation are all of considerable discussions. Many people who advocate that the high voltage electricity cables should be laid underground and not overhead and also claim that an underground alternative is economically feasible. The primary aim of this dissertation is to compare and contrast the concerns and issues associated with the installation of high voltage overhead lines and high voltage underground cables and by doing so identify if there is any justification in the people’s queries and concerns. This dissertation was compiled from an extensive review of evidence statements, research reports, views of the installer and of the organisations who oppose the proposals along with reviews of independent comparative studies. This paper finds that a potential exists that an underground alternative may be a safer option than its overhead equivalent. It also outlines the extensive costs of constructing and running both systems and establishes that the costs associated with underground systems could be as much as five times more that the overhead option.
Keyword(s): Engineering; Electrical transmission system; High voltage overhead lines; High voltage underground cables; Environmental impact.
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Type: Other
Peer-Reviewed: No
Institution: Dundalk Institute of Technology
Citation(s): Flood, Micheál (2013) A comparative study of high voltage overhead lines and high voltage underground cables. Bachelors thesis, Dundalk Institute of Technology.
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