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Anchoring high-throughput screening methods to scale-up bioproduction of siderophores
Marquesa, Marco P.C.; Walshe, Kieran; Doyle, Sean; Fernandesa, Pedro; de Carvalhoa, Carla C.C.R.
The use of high throughput strategies is of acknowledged relevance since the rational use of small-scale reactors, coupled with suitable analytic tools, is contributing to the acceleration of process development in several areas of biotechnology. These small-scale reactors are available in different working volumes and configurations, being useful in a wide array of applications, from cell screening to process optimization. The present work was focused on the development of a high-throughput strategy, combining microtiter plates and analytic methodologies, to screen an in-house library of environmental bacteria in order to identify good siderophore producers. From a library of roughly 500 marine microorganisms, it was possible to ultimately obtain 11 bacterial strains with high production capabilities. Two of them had not been previously identified as siderophore producers. The bioprocess was scaled-up from microtiter plates to a 5 L stirred tank reactor, while maintaining the overall volumetric productivity, using the kLa similarity as scale-up criterion. This novel approach is a suitable alternative to traditional screening tools.
Keyword(s): Siderophore; Marine bacteria; High throughput; Process intensification platform; Image analysis
Publication Date:
Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Institution: Maynooth University
Funder(s): Enterprise Ireland
Citation(s): Marquesa, Marco P.C. and Walshe, Kieran and Doyle, Sean and Fernandesa, Pedro and de Carvalhoa, Carla C.C.R. (2012) Anchoring high-throughput screening methods to scale-up bioproduction of siderophores. Process Biochemistry, 47 (3). pp. 416-421. ISSN 1359-5113
Publisher(s): Elsevier
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