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Cancer in Ireland, I997: incidence and mortality: report of the National Cancer Registry
National Cancer Registry
The effect of cancer on the health status of the Irish population is striking. One in three of the population develops cancer during their lifetime and cancer causes one in four deaths in Ireland each year. As a result cancer presents a formidable physical, psychological and socio-economic burden on patients, their families and on health care providers. The impact of cancer on our population will be minimised by increasing our understanding of its aetiology, improving cancer prevention programmes and by earlier diagnosis, optimal therapy and appropriate palliative care. To achieve this the National Cancer Strategy has set the framework for the development and organisation of cancer services throughout the country. A crucial component of the strategy is the availability of epidemiological information on cancer. The National Cancer Registry has made tremendous progress since its establishment in 1991 in providing data that is reliable, valid, comprehensive and of a standard that is on a par with the highest internationally. The quality of data is central to its utility and the completeness of cancer registration requires constant vigilance. Total population coverage is also vital if the Registry is to provide data which enables us to monitor the incidence and patterns of the disease examine treatment outcome analyse survival, plan appropriate services and facilitate research. Issues of consent and confidentiality that might impact on data quality must be addressed and resolved without compromising either.
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Type: Report
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Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI)
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