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Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland: policy on drug abuse: drugs, sooner or later you will have to talk to someone.
The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
The abuse of non prescription or OTC medicines has yet to be quantified in this country, However the large number of reports received by this Society in relation to the abuse of laxatives, codeine containing products, paracetamol and cough mixtures would suggest that the problem is an ever increasing one. In particular, a recent report' concerning a six-year old child who inadvertently received a moderately small dose of paracetamol in a 48 hour period and required a liver transplant as a result of metabolite induced hepatotoxicity clearly indicates the potential dangers of this universally available drug, Furthermore, the continued availability of paracetamol from non-pharmacy outlets is a source of grave concern to the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland. Having examined the availability of OTC medicines from non-pharmacy outlets in the United Kingdom (see Table I). it is noteworthy that such sales have steadily increased over the last number of years. The same source reported that 41 % of cold remedies and 38% of analgesics were sold outside of pharmacies in 1994.
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