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National Council on Ageing and Older People annual report, 1998.
National Council on Ageing and Older People
In 1998 the Council continued to fulfil its core functions in relation to the commissioning and publication of research into various issues affecting the lives of our older citizens. Most notable in this regard was the publication of the report on Abuse, Neglect and Mistreatment of Older People which brought into focus the disturbing reality of elder abuse in lreland. I am certain that this exploratory report will underpin future responses to the issue on the parr of statutory and voluntary agencies and many others concerned wirh rhe problem. In the report 'The Future Organisation of the Home Help Service in Ireland' the Council made a range of recommendations on policy and practice issues as well as on the organisation and administration of the home help service. Recognising the increasingly important role played by the law in the everyday lives of older people in the community The Council published 'The Law and Older People: A Handbook for Service Providers' a wide-ranging and readable overview of the law as it relates to older citizens. During the year the Council continued to develop its Healthy Ageing Programme and, in association with the Department of Health and Children. published Adding Years to Life and Life to Years. A Health Promotion Strategy for Older People which identifies goals, targets and action plans designed to improve the health status of older Irish people in the coming decades. 1998 also saw the completion of a substantial amount of work in preparation for the 1999 International Year of Older Persons in Ireland. I would like to thank the members of the National Steering Committee who invested so much time and expertise rowards ensuring that the year fulfils its objectives of promoting the independence, participation, care, self fulfilment and dignity of older persons in Ireland in 1999.
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