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Cancer research across borders: second report 2001-2002.
Ireland-Northern Ireland National Cancer Institute Cancer Consortium.
Each year, as called for in the 1999 Memorandum of Understanding establishing the lreland· Northern lreland-National Cancer Institute Cancer Consortium, the Board of Directors of the Consortium delivers an annual report to account for the progress made towards fulfilling its mandate. That mandate is an ambitious one-to engage the cancer communities of the United States, lreland, and Northern Ireland in enhancing the is land of Ireland's ability to conduct world-class cancer clinical research and thereby improve cancer care and treatment for the people in all of Ireland. A secondary, but equally important, goal is to encourage collaboration between the governments of Ireland and Northern Ireland through joint programmes in the a.rea of health care, as called for in me Good Friday Peace accord of 1998.
Publication Date:
Type: Report
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): Ireland-Northern Ireland National Cancer Institute.
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