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Caring for the elderly: Part 2: the caring process: a study of carers in the home.
O'Connor, Joyce; Ruddle, Helen; O'Gallagher, Marie; Murphy, Eileen
This study, The Caring Process: A Study of Carers in the Home is Part 2 of a research programme, (Caring for the Elderly), on family carers of elderly people in the Republic of Ireland which was initiated by the National CounciHor the Aged in 1985. Part I of the programme, A Study of Carers at Home and in the Community, was published in June 1988. It provided a profile of. carers and the database for this study of the process of caring for elderly people within households. It found that there are 66,000 elderly people receiving a significant amount of care at home from a relative, which is more than three and,a half times the number of elderly people in institutional care. It identified the nature and extent of the care required of families and relatives of those elderly people who continue to live at home, in their own, communities, rather than in an institutional environment. This second volume of the study examines the caring process and focuses primarily on the family carers of elderly people living at home rather than on the recipients. of care themselves. The study shows clearly that family carers are the unrecognised backbone of community care - inadequately supported by State and other agencies in the task they have undertaken with such dedication and very often carrying out the task at great personal sacrifice. Without the commitment and dedication of the family carers the demands on the State for institutional care of the elderly would be very much higher.
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Type: Report
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): National Council for the Aged (NCA)
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