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Health benefits for health and social care clients attending an integrated health and social care day unit (IHSCDU): a before and after pilot study with a comparator group
Murphy, Fiona A.; Hugman, Laura; Bowen, Judith; Parsell, Fran; Gabe, Marie E.; Newson, Louise; Jordan, Sue
It is thought that integrating health and social care provision can improve services, yet few evaluations of integrated health and social care initiatives have focused on changes in clinical outcomes and used comparator groups. The aim of this pilot study was to identify whether attendance at an integrated health and social care day unit (IHSCDU) affected selected outcomes of functional mobility, number of prescribed medications and physical and psychological well-being. A secondary aim was to examine the utility of the tools to measure these outcomes in this context; the feasibility of the recruitment and retention strategy and the utility of the comparator group. A before-and after comparison design was used with non- randomised intervention and comparator arms. The intervention arm comprised 30 service users attending the IHSCDU and the comparator arm comprised 33 service users on a community nursing caseload. Measures of functional mobility (Barthel’s Index) and physical and psychological well-being (SF-12) were taken from all participants in both arms at three data collection points: baseline, four and nine months later, between November 2010 and September 2012. Participants and outcomes were identified prospectively and in both arms, the individual was the unit of assignment. No significant changes were noted in functional mobility and psychological well-being and the number of medications prescribed increased in both arms. There was a trend towards a significant difference between study arms in the change in the SF-12 physical health outcome measure and this outcome measure could be usefully explored in future studies. The recruitment and retention strategy was feasible although our comparator group had some limitations in not being closely matched in terms of age, functional mobility and mental wellbeing. ACCEPTED peer-reviewed
Keyword(s): integrated health and social care; pilot study; outcomes; physical well-being; Barthel’s Index; SF-12®
Publication Date:
Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Language(s): English
Institution: University of Limerick
Citation(s): Health and Social Care in the Community; 25 (2), pp. 492-504
Publisher(s): Wiley & Sons
First Indexed: 2016-06-24 05:29:09 Last Updated: 2018-12-08 06:31:35