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Delivering specialist mental health services
HSE Mental Health Division
One of the key supports to the delivery of quality services is the provision of information about the mental health services to stakeholders. Since the establishment of the Division, in the context of the Accountability Framework, there has been an increased focus on the development of performance metrics and in providing information on the work of the mental health services. The Division is challenged in providing detailed information about its service provision as the information systems in place are reliant on largely manual data collection processes and are very labour intensive. This limits the type of data provided, and creates challenges in respect of validation, verification and analysis. Building on the success of the annual reports which were published by the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services up to 2013, the Division has developed this report, Delivering Specialist Mental Health Services 2014-2015, with the objective of providing an overview of the work of the specialist mental health services. The Report describes the secondary care specialist mental health services, giving an overview of the components of service and how they are accessed. It describes the Mental Health Workforce in the General Adult, Psychiatry of Old Age and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services utilising the mental health performance indicator suite by providing an average of the staffing over the given year based on these returns. It also gives detail on the activity of the General Adult, Psychiatry of Old Age and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services having regard to the limitation of the available data. The collection of data and the development of data sets has been an evolving process for the mental health services. In preparing this Report, we have presented the available data while recognising and acknowledging that this is an ongoing and developmental process for the services.
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Type: Report
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Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): Health Service Excutive (HSE)
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