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Persian Shakespeares: Between the global, the local and the exilic
This thesis explores the adaptation of Shakespeare?s plays in the Persian-speaking contexts of Iran and Afghanistan. The cultural, linguistic, political, and socio-economic conditions of the Persian-speaking regions of Iran and Afghanistan differ dramatically from the conditions in which Shakespeare has been performed and adapted in the western Anglophone world. This thesis examines how Shakespeare?s canonical status on the one hand, and the politically and culturally specific conditions in Iran and Afghanistan on the other, have worked together to give rise to a fascinating tradition of Persian Shakespeare theatre. Alexa Huang has identified Shakespeare?s performance in Iran as an ?archival silence?, in the sense of an uncharted geo-linguistic area in the field of Global Shakespeare studies. The purpose of this thesis is to begin to fill in this gap and build a solid foundation for developing this area further. In both Iran and Afghanistan, those involved in productions of Shakespeare have contended with some of the most extreme challenges of any theatre practitioners worldwide. In Iran, theatre has had to negotiate an intricate system of both state sponsorship and censorship while in Afghanistan those participating in theatrical events have faced serious security risks. Cultural adaptations can offer localized, multi-faceted, and occasionally contradictory images of culture and society, reflecting the similarly complex environment in which they are created. This thesis aims to show how adaptations of Shakespeare in Iran, Afghanistan, and the Farsi- and Dari-speaking diaspora, can offer an invaluable reference point from which these variations can be studied.
Keyword(s): Shakespeare; Adaptation; Global; Local; Exile; Censorship; Global Shakespeare Studies
Publication Date:
Type: Doctoral thesis
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Citation(s): O'BRIEN, SHAUNA, Persian Shakespeares: Between the global, the local and the exilic, Trinity College Dublin.School of English.ENGLISH, 2018
Publisher(s): Trinity College Dublin. School of English. Discipline of English
Supervisor(s): Vyroubalova, Ema
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