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Core-shell ZnO nanorod lasers
Visimberga, Giuseppe; Faulkner, Colm C.; Boese, Markus; O'Dwyer, Colm
Room-temperature ultraviolet lasing in [0001] oriented zinc oxide nanorods grown on silicon and fused silica substrates by a simple vapor transport and condensation process. These wide band-gap semiconductor nanorods form natural laser cavities with diameters varying from 150 to 350 nm and lengths up to 10 µm. Under optical excitation, surface-emitting lasing action was observed at 385 nm. The dielectric core-shell Al2O3@ZnO nanorods exhibit enhanced axial Fabry-Pérot resonating characteristics with (0001) crystal faces as mirror facets improved by a metallic reflector at one end. This metallic coating and dielectric oxide shell greatly increase near-band edge emission while reducing excitation power thresholds due to lower losses and increased optical density from improved refractive index mediated waveguiding during optical pumping.
Keyword(s): Nanorods; Electric excitation; Energy gap; Lasers; Optical pumping; Photoexcitation; Refractive index; Semiconductor materials; Vapors; Zinc oxide; Condensation process; Core-shell; Crystal face; Dielectric oxides; Excitation power; Fused silica substrates; Lasing action; Metallic coating; Metallic reflectors; Mirror facets
Publication Date:
Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Language(s): English
Institution: University College Cork
Funder(s): Science Foundation Ireland; Higher Education Authority
Citation(s): Visimberga, G., Faulkner, C. C., Boese, M. and O'Dwyer, C. (2012) 'Core-Shell ZnO Nanorod Lasers', ECS Transactions, 45(7), pp. 51-59. doi: 10.1149/1.3701525
Publisher(s): Electrochemical Society
File Format(s): application/pdf
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