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A Qualitative Study of Youth Evangelisation using the Internet
Sebastian, Sony
This research examines the effectiveness of the Internet as a means of youth evangelisation The project is divided into two mam parts (1) The establishment of a theoretical base relating to the concept of evangelisation, the Internet as a means of social communication and youth culture (11) The design, implementation and analysis of a cohort of case studies to test a research question based on the theoretical perspectives Following a general introduction (Ch 1), the chapter on evangelisation (Ch 2) defines the concept and examines its development The Internet as a means of social communication is considered in chapter 3, preceded by an overview of broader models of communication of relevance to web 2 0 In chapter 4 various aspects of contemporary global youth culture are considered in the context of web 2 0 The second part of the study - the fieldwork, covered in Chapters 5-7, is based on the design and activation of an online portal (Cybersouls) The mam research question was to test the efficacy of the online mentoring of young people by Faith Friends (FFs) intended to deepen their understanding, appreciation and appropriation of their faith tradition This was facilitated through mutual online interaction in the context of religious education material presented in digital Scrolls Mixed methods were adopted m the analytical process In-depth qualitative analysis of data (using NVivo) was undertaken relating to a sample of cases selected by survey sampling and usage sampling techniques The key research findings are (l) Effective mentoring by a Faithfriend enhances the potential of the web 2 0 environment for youth evangelisation Such effective mentoring depends on careful selection and training of Faithfriends, particularly their proficiency m ICT skills, youth culture and knowledge of the faith tradition (11) A collaborative and constructivist model of using the Internet underpins an effective approach to evangelisation with young people (111) Making use of the full potential of web 2 0, the proficiency of multimedia and social networking enhances the effectiveness of evangelisation (i v ) The efficacy of an online environment of evangelisation is dependent on the calibre of the offline resources and organisational capacities that are utilised
Keyword(s): Religions; Christianity
Publication Date:
Type: Other
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Contributor(s): McGrady, Andrew G.; Williams, Kevin
Institution: Dublin City University
Citation(s): Sebastian, Sony (2011) A Qualitative Study of Youth Evangelisation using the Internet. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
File Format(s): application/pdf
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