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Maintaining breast cancer specimen integrity and individual or simultaneous extraction of quality dna, rna, and proteins from allprotect-stabilized and nonstabilized tissue samples
Mee, Blanaid C.; Carroll, Paul; Donatello, Simona; Connolly, Elizabeth; Griffin, Mairead; Dunne, Barbara; Burke, Louise; Flavin, Richard; Rizkalla, Hala; Ryan, Ciara; Hayes, Brian; D'Adhemar, Charles; Banville, Niamh; Faheem, Nazia; Muldoon, Cian; Gaffney, Eoin F.
The Saint James's Hospital Biobank was established in 2008, to develop a high-quality breast tissue BioResource, as a part of the breast cancer clinical care pathway. The aims of this work were: (1) to ascertain the quality of RNA, DNA, and protein in biobanked carcinomas and normal breast tissues, (2) to assess the efficacy of AllPrep (R) (Qiagen) in isolating RNA, DNA, and protein simultaneously, (3) to compare AllPrep with RNEasy (R) and QIAamp (R) (both Qiagen), and (4) to examine the effectiveness of Allprotect (R) (Qiagen), a new tissue stabilization medium in preserving DNA, RNA, and proteins. One hundred eleven frozen samples of carcinoma and normal breast tissue were analyzed. Tumor and normal tissue morphology were confirmed by frozen sections. Tissue type, tissue treatment (Allprotect vs. no Allprotect), extraction kit, and nucleic acid quantification were analyzed by utilizing a 4 factorial design (SPSS PASW 18 Statistics Software (R)). QIAamp (DNA isolation), AllPrep (DNA, RNA, and Protein isolation), and RNeasy (RNA isolation) kits were assessed and compared. Mean DNA yield and A(260/280) values using QIAamp were 33.2 ng/mu L and 1.86, respectively, and using AllPrep were 23.2 ng/mu L and 1.94. Mean RNA yield and RNA Integrity Number (RIN) values with RNeasy were 73.4 ng/mu L and 8.16, respectively, and with AllPrep were 74.8 ng/mu L and 7.92. Allprotect-treated tissues produced higher RIN values of borderline significance (P = 0.055). No discernible loss of RNA stability was detected after 6 h incubation of stabilized or nonstabilized tissues at room temperature or 4 degrees C or in 9 freeze-thaw cycles. Allprotect requires further detailed evaluation, but we consider AllPrep to be an excellent option for the simultaneous extraction of RNA, DNA, and protein from tumor and normal breast tissues. The essential presampling procedures that maintain the diagnostic integrity of pathology specimens do not appear to compromise the quality of molecular isolates.
Keyword(s): microcapillary electrophoresis traces; laser capture microdissection; gene-expression profiles; biobanking; impact; tumor; degradation; preservation; validation; experience
Publication Date:
Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Institution: NUI Galway
Publisher(s): Mary Ann Liebert Inc
First Indexed: 2019-03-23 06:34:41 Last Updated: 2019-03-23 06:34:41