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A search for pulsations from geminga above 100 gev with veritas
Aliu, E.; Archambault, S.; Archer, A.; Aune, T.; Barnacka, A.; Beilicke, M.; Benbow, W.; Bird, R.; Buckley, J. H.; Bugaev, V.; Byrum, K.; Cardenzana, J. V.; Cerruti, M.; Chen, X.; Ciupik, L.; Connolly, M. P.; Cui, W.; Dickinson, H. J.; Dumm, J.; Eisch, J. D.
We present the results of 71.6 hr of observations of the Geminga pulsar (PSR J0633+1746) with the VERITAS very-high-energy gamma-ray telescope array. Data taken with VERITAS between 2007 November and 2013 February were phase-folded using a Geminga pulsar timing solution derived from data recorded by the XMM-Newton and Fermi-LAT space telescopes. No significant pulsed emission above 100 GeV is observed, and we report upper limits at the 95% confidence level on the integral flux above 135 GeV (spectral analysis threshold) of 4.0x10(-13) s(-1) cm(-2) and 1.7 x 10(-13) s(-1) cm(-2) for the two principal peaks in the emission profile. These upper limits, placed in context with phase-resolved spectral energy distributions determined from 5 yr of data from the Fermi-Large Area Telescope (LAT), constrain possible hardening of the Geminga pulsar emission spectra above similar to 50 GeV.
Keyword(s): gamma rays stars; pulsars general; pulsars individual (psr j0633+1746, geminga); tev gamma-rays; large-area telescope; high-energy emission; fermi-lat observations; crab pulsar; galactic sources; vela pulsar; pg 1553+113; x-ray; catalog
Publication Date:
Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Institution: NUI Galway
Publisher(s): IOP Publishing
First Indexed: 2019-03-23 06:50:25 Last Updated: 2019-03-23 06:50:25