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Poetic justice in Obadiah
Anderson, Bradford
The book of Obadiah has long been recognized for its message of lex talionis. This is not, however, simply a theme of this short book. Rather, the present article argues that the idea that Edom’s deeds will return upon its head is embedded in the language of the book itself. This ‘poetic justice’ occurs in a series of word plays and allusions that can be traced throughout Obadiah. The word plays juxtapose the identities and futures of Edom and Judah, and allude in various ways to Edom’s coming reckoning. A recognition of these dimensions of the Hebrew text may help the reader more fully appreciate the rhetorical force and literary artistry of this shortest of prophetic books.
Keyword(s): Language; Religions; Hebrew Bible; Old Testament; Edom; Esau, Judah; lex talionis; Obadiah
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Type: Other
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: Dublin City University
Citation(s): Anderson, Bradford (2010) Poetic justice in Obadiah. Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 35 (2). pp. 247-255. ISSN 0309-0892
Publisher(s): Sage
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