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Subversive law in Ireland, 1879-1920: From 'unwritten law' to the Dáil courts
Laird, Heather
Subversive Law in Ireland, 1879-1920 is an important contribution to a neglected topic in Irish literary and cultural history – the modes of protest and cultural forms available to the subaltern classes under landlordism. In this publication, Heather Laird demonstrates that the so-called unwritten 'agrarian code' of popular justice, though often depicted in political and fictional writings as anarchic and pathological, was pro-social as opposed to anti-social, emanating from an alternative moral code whose very existence undermined the legitimacy of the colonial civil law. The book explores this clash in legal systems and the resulting crisis in law administration.
Keyword(s): Land tenure Ireland; Agrarian agitation; Anti-hunting agitation; Brehon laws; Dáil courts; Colonialism Ireland; David Lloyd; Dipesh Chakrabarty; Emily Lawless; Evictions; Evictions Ireland history; Hunting the wren; Ladies’ Land League; Land League; Land tenure Ireland history; Land War; Land War fiction; Michael Davitt; Partha Chatterjee; Plan of campaign
Publication Date:
Type: Book
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Language(s): English
Institution: University College Cork
Citation(s): Laird, H. (2005) Subversive law in Ireland, 1879–1920: From 'unwritten law' to the Dáil courts, Dublin: Four Courts Press. isbn: 1-85182-876-1
Publisher(s): Four Courts Press
File Format(s): application/pdf
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