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Effect of finishing diet and duration on the sensory quality and volatile profile of lamb meat
Gkarane, Vasiliki; Brunton, Nigel; Allen, Paul; Gravador, Rufielyn S.; Claffey, Noel A.; Diskin, Michael G.; Fahey, Alan G.; Farmer, Linda J.; Moloney, Aidan P; Alcalde, Maria J.; Murphy, Patrick; Monahan, Frank J
Animal production factors can affect the sensory quality of lamb meat. The study investigated the effect of diet composition and duration of consumption on the proximate analysis, volatile profile and sensory quality of lamb meat. Ninety-nine male Texel × Scottish Blackface lambs were raised at pasture for 10 months before being assigned in groups of 11 to one of the following treatments: 100% Silage (S) for 36 (S36), 54 (S54) or 72 (S72) days; 50% Silage - 50% Concentrate (SC) for 36 (SC36), 54 (SC54) or 72 (SC72) days; 100% Concentrate (C) for 36 (C36) or 54 (C54) or 72 (C72) days. A trained sensory panel found Intensity of Lamb Aroma, Dry Aftertaste and Astringent Aftertaste to be higher in meat from lambs on the concentrate diet. Discriminant analysis showed that the volatile profile enabled discrimination of lamb based on dietary treatment but the volatile differences were insufficient to impact highly on sensory quality. Muscle from animals in the S54 group had higher Manure/Faecal Aroma and Woolly Aroma than the SC54 and C54 groups, possibly related to higher levels of indole and skatole. Further research is required to establish if these small differences would influence consumer acceptability. The financial support of the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (project 11/SF/310) and of the Teagasc Walsh Fellowship Programme (award 2013058) is gratefully acknowledged.
Keyword(s): Animal feed; Silage; Concentrate; Discriminant analysis; Palatability; SPME/GC/MS
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Type: Other
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Language(s): English
Contributor(s): Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine; Teagasc Walsh Fellowship Programme; 11/SF/310; 2013058
Institution: Teagasc
Publisher(s): Elsevier
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