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Novel colorimetric and fluorescent sensors for anions
Duke, Rebecca M.
THESIS 9315 This thesis, entitled "Novel Colorimetric and Fluorescent Sensors for Anions" consists of six Chapters. Chapter 1 provides an introduction into the field of anion sensing using fluorescent and colorimetric sensors, within the realm of supramolecular chemistry. This chapter details the challenges involved in the development of receptors and sensors capable of detecting anions, as well as the various design principles explored. A brief overview of the recent developments within the field of anion sensing is also given. This is followed by a more focused review on the recently reported naphthalimide-based luminescent and colorimetric sensors for anions, where the anion recognition occurs through hydrogen bonding and/or deprotonation. Particular attention is paid to the work carried out within the Gunnlaugsson group, as well as the recent reports within the literature. The second half of the introduction focuses on the development of colorimetric and fluorescent amidothiourea and amidourea-based sensors for anions. Finally, a summary of the work carried out in this thesis and the aims of the project are outlined.
Keyword(s): Chemistry, Ph.D.; Ph.D. Trinity College Dublin.
Publication Date:
Type: Doctoral thesis
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Citation(s): Rebecca M. Duke, 'Novel colorimetric and fluorescent sensors for anions', [thesis], Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Chemistry, 2010, pp 278
Publisher(s): Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Chemistry
Supervisor(s): Gunnlaughsson, Thorfinnur
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