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Report on Influence of conflict, gender, and class relations on availability of water in the household
McGuigan, Kevin; Conroy, Ronan; Clarke, Eric; Ibanez, Pilar Fernandez; Polo Lopez, Maria Inmaculada; Marugan, Javier; Garcia, Rafael; Morse, Tracy; Lungu, Kingsley; Pulgarin, Cesar; Giannakis, Stefanos; Fagan, Honor; Mathur, Chandana; Ugolini, Fabio; Muyanja, Charles; Kabonesa, Consolata; Khan, Wesaal; Vincent, Martin; Dejene, Tsehaye Asmelash; Buck, Lyndon
This review essay lays out the conceptual and historical groundwork for the primary research that the WATERSPOUTT social science team will carry out through the project period over four research sites in Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda. We have described it as a report synthesising secondary data on conflict, gender, and class relations in the four case study areas. However, it is emphatically not intended as an exhaustive description of the specificities of the four research sites – the sections that follow will traverse quite unevenly across these regions. The essay will instead offer an overarching reading of how these research sites are situated within wider structures and relationships of power. It will engage the recurrent themes and key debates that have dominated the relevant literatures in the fields of social theory and historical and social studies in order to build a broad foundation of understanding for the empirical research that is to come.
Keyword(s): Report; Influence of conflict; gender; class relations; availability of water in the household; Waterspoutt
Publication Date:
Type: Report
Peer-Reviewed: No
Institution: Maynooth University
Citation(s): McGuigan, Kevin and Conroy, Ronan and Clarke, Eric and Ibanez, Pilar Fernandez and Polo Lopez, Maria Inmaculada and Marugan, Javier and Garcia, Rafael and Morse, Tracy and Lungu, Kingsley and Pulgarin, Cesar and Giannakis, Stefanos and Fagan, Honor and Mathur, Chandana and Ugolini, Fabio and Muyanja, Charles and Kabonesa, Consolata and Khan, Wesaal and Vincent, Martin and Dejene, Tsehaye Asmelash and Buck, Lyndon and Procter, Susan and Bekbolet, Miray and Uyguner-Demirel, Ceyda Senem and Wesian, Martin and Krauter, Manuela and Quilty, Brid and Devery, Rosaleen and Ferrero, Giuliana and Kooy, Michelle and Fusco, Antonio and Wessels, Berry and Bau, Daniel Etongo and Bagonza Asaba, Richard and Zerihun, Zenawi and Clerk, George and Birben, Nazmiye Cemre and Gomez-Couso, Hipolito and Foglia, Tommaso (2017) Report on Influence of conflict, gender, and class relations on availability of water in the household. Project Report. WATERSPOUTT Research Project.
Publisher(s): WATERSPOUTT Research Project
File Format(s): other
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