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Culture and Communication: Cultural Variations and Media Effectiveness
Moustafa Leonard, Karen; Van Scotter, James R.; Pakdil, Fatma; Chamseddine, Nadine Jbeily; Mockaitis, Audra; Salciuviene, Laura; Surkiene, Gene; Tsai, Fu-Sheng; Wu, Ling Ling; Esatoglu, Ezel; Koyuncu, Mustafa; Gumus, Murat; Oktem, M. Kemal
Advances in communication technologies have made great progress in bridging time and distance, but social and cultural differences are still formidable obstacles to effective communication. Communication processes occur in specific cultural contexts, with unique normative beliefs, assumptions, and shared symbols. Culture influences what people communicate, to whom they communicate, and how they communicate. There has been little systematic cross-cultural research to explicate the effects of communication media on communication effectiveness. This article proposes cultural effects on perceptions of media effectiveness. The authors advance conceptual knowledge by presenting new perspectives on the cultural effects on individuals’ perception of media and their effectiveness.
Keyword(s): communication; culture; individualism; media; power distance; uncertainty avoidance; media richness theory
Publication Date:
Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Institution: Maynooth University
Citation(s): Moustafa Leonard, Karen and Van Scotter, James R. and Pakdil, Fatma and Chamseddine, Nadine Jbeily and Mockaitis, Audra and Salciuviene, Laura and Surkiene, Gene and Tsai, Fu-Sheng and Wu, Ling Ling and Esatoglu, Ezel and Koyuncu, Mustafa and Gumus, Murat and Oktem, M. Kemal (2009) Culture and Communication: Cultural Variations and Media Effectiveness. Administration & Society, 41 (7). pp. 850-877. ISSN 0095-3997
Publisher(s): SAGE Publications
File Format(s): other
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