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Disks, accretion and outflows of brown dwarfs
Joergens, V.; Herczeg, G.J.; Liu, Y.; Pascucci, I.; Whelan, Emma; Alcalá, J.M.; Biazzo, K.; Costigan, G.; Gully-Santiago, M.; Henning, Th.; Natta, A.; Rigliaco, E.; Rodriguez-Ledesma, M.V.; Sicilia-Aguilar, A.; Tottle, J.; Wolf, S.
Characterization of the properties of young brown dwarfs are important to constraining the formation of objects at the extreme low-mass end of the initial mass function. While young brown dwarfs share many properties with solar-mass T Tauri stars, differences may be used as tests of how the physics of accretion/outflow and disk chemistry/dissipation depend on the mass of the central object. This article summarizes the presentations and discussions during the splinter session on “Disks, accretion and outflows of brown dwarfs” held at the CoolStars17 conference in Barcelona in June 2012. Recent results in the field of brown dwarf disks and outflo ws include the determination of brown dwarf disk masses and geometries based on Herschel far-IR photometry (70–160 µm), accretion properties based on X-Shooter spectra, and new outflow detections in the very low-mass regime.
Keyword(s): accretion; accretion disks; circumstellar matter; ISM jets and outflows; stars low mass; brown dwarfs; stars pre-main sequence
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Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Institution: Maynooth University
Citation(s): Joergens, V. and Herczeg, G.J. and Liu, Y. and Pascucci, I. and Whelan, Emma and Alcalá, J.M. and Biazzo, K. and Costigan, G. and Gully-Santiago, M. and Henning, Th. and Natta, A. and Rigliaco, E. and Rodriguez-Ledesma, M.V. and Sicilia-Aguilar, A. and Tottle, J. and Wolf, S. (2013) Disks, accretion and outflows of brown dwarfs. Astronomische Nachrichten, 334 (1/2). pp. 159-163. ISSN 0004-6337
Publisher(s): Wiley
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