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Ability not disability: A transformative exploration of student experiences in higher education.
Dalton, Patrice
This study aims to explore why there are such low numbers of people with (dis)abilities in attendance at Irish Higher Education (AHEAD, 2017), The study explores the experiences of people with (dis)abilities as told to the researcher. These findings are reviewed within the context of the literature on Irish HE and (dis)ability, as well as the medical and social models of (dis)ability. Researching from the constructivist approach, qualitative, conversational interviews with participants are completed. Analysing findings in traditional qualitative format of transcripts becomes a barrier to accurate representation of the emotional resonance of the conversation, so a narrative approach to present findings using the creative method of ‘found’ poetry emerges (Richardson, 1990). The analysis also examines alternative methods of assessment adapting the Universal Design of Learning Technique and explores experiences of stigma as experienced by people in HE with (dis)abilities. Issues of funding policy for part-time students are also acknowledged. Although there have been significant strides in improving the quality of the lives for people with (dis)abilities, due to the efforts of (dis)ability advocates and the development of the Social Model of (Dis)ability, it would seem apparent that significant changes in attitudes and a reduction in the neo-liberal ethos would contribute to a more positive and inclusive experience for all learners in HE.
Keyword(s): ability; disability; transformative; exploration; student experiences; student experience; student; students; disabled student; disabled students; higher education; M.Ed.; M.Ed. in Adult and Community Education
Publication Date:
Type: Master thesis (research)
Peer-Reviewed: No
Institution: Maynooth University
Citation(s): Dalton, Patrice (2017) Ability not disability: A transformative exploration of student experiences in higher education. Masters thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.
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