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Beyond Integration: An inquiry into the lived experiences of immigrants in Ireland.
Akpoveta, Ebun
This inquiry is an exploration of the lived experiences of five immigrants who are effectively functioning in the four life domains in Ireland under which the integration process is monitored. In this chapter, I outline my reason for carrying out this study. I also set out the research question and research hope and define my philosophical stance and dual positioning as insider and outsider. The chapter ends with a description of all the chapters. In Chapter two, I consider previous work on integration focusing on the Irish context, the complexity of the process and challenges in adopting a definition. I argue that the role of the host community is more of a decider for the outcome of contact with new cultures. I pose a constant question: if to be, is to be like? In Chapter three I describe how I carried out the research through a small group interview where five immigrants had a conversation about two fictionalised stories (Jane and Paul‟s stories) which I wrote in order to start a conversation. I also discuss the ideas which influenced my choices. I tell the story of how the study progressed and what changes were adopted. In Chapter four, I present the research findings in three main themes and subthemes Acceptance, Positioning and Multiple identities are the emergent themes. I critically 7 analyse the findings through the theoretical perspective of Maslow‟s theory of motivation, Social Identity and positioning as a conversational phenomenon. In Chapter five, I conclude that the complexities involved in the integration process are in-depth. I engage with Freire‟s pedagogy focusing on the oppressive aspects of integration, using my experience as supporting evidence where my voice finds a release and speaks for me. I summarise the conclusions of the study and contribute to available knowledge on working with immigrants based on the insight gained.
Keyword(s): M.Ed. in Adult and Community Education; M.Ed.; immigrants; Ireland; lives; lived experience; experiences
Publication Date:
Type: Master thesis (research)
Peer-Reviewed: No
Institution: Maynooth University
Citation(s): Akpoveta, Ebun (2011) Beyond Integration: An inquiry into the lived experiences of immigrants in Ireland. Masters thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.
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