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Behind the headlines: media coverage of social exclusion in Limerick City - The case of Moyross
Devereux, Eoin; Haynes, Amanda; Power, Martin J.
In a media setting, and within the public mind, Ireland’s ‘Third City’ has acquired an intensely negative reputation over time. While there are many historical precedents for the maligning of the place’s image, it is generally agreed that the 1980s reached a new low within media practice with the ascription, in some media quarters, of the label ‘Stab City’ to Limerick. The blanket representation of Limerick as a place of crime, social disorder, poverty and social exclusion has continued and it has been amplified in recent years, particularly in the context of the feuds between rival drugs gangs, most of which have been played out in the city’s marginalized local authority estates such as Moyross, St. Mary’s Park, Southill and Ballinacurra Weston. Understandably, a variety of interest groups have expressed concern over the ways in which Limerick generally and marginalized areas in particular have been misrepresented by the mass media ACCEPTED Peer reviewed
Keyword(s): Limerick; media
Publication Date:
Type: Book chapter
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Language(s): English
Institution: University of Limerick
Citation(s): Understanding Limerick: Social Exclusion and Change Hourigan, Niamh (ed);
Publisher(s): Cork University Press
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