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Determination of soil permeability coefficient following an updated grading entropy method
O'Kelly, Brendan; Nogal, Maria
This paper presents a critical review of the grading entropy approach of permeability-coefficient predictions (k P) for coarse-grained soils. The approach applies the grading entropy theory to particle-size distributions (PSDs), such that the entirety of each gradation curve can be interpreted as a single point on a grading entropy chart, plotting its normalised entropy increment (B) against relative base grading entropy (A) values. Published data sets of measured permeability-coefficient (k M) values for saturated compacted silty sand, sand and gravel materials are examined to understand the dependence of A and B on various gradation parameters and the void ratio (e). In particular, log?k M negatively correlates with log?B and positively correlates with log?A and e (log?e). As such, power functions of the form ??=?1??2??3??4 prove statistically superior, noting that the fitting coefficient C 1 to C 4 values are specific to the PSD range and densification (compaction) states investigated for the permeability tests. Recommendations are given for increasing the predictive power, including separate models for well-graded and poorly graded materials and the addition of a particle shape factor and specific surface parameters in the regression correlation.
Keyword(s): Design methods & aids; Granular materials; Statistical analysis; Smart & Sustainable Planet; Environmental Geotechnics; GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING; Geotechnics; PERMEABILITY; PERMEABILITY CHARACTERISTICS; PERMEABILITY CO-EFFICIENT; PERMEABILITY MATHEMATICAL MODEL; SAND; Soil Mechanics; Soil Mechanics & Foundations; geotechnical
Publication Date:
Type: Journal article
Peer-Reviewed: Yes
Language(s): English
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Citation(s): O'Kelly, B.C. & Nogal, M., Determination of soil permeability coefficient following an updated grading entropy method, Geotechnical Research, 7, 1, 2020, 58 - 70
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