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In-Silico Hyperthermia Performance of a Near-Field Patch Antenna at Various Positions on a Human Body Model
Curto, Sergio; See, Terrence; McEvoy, Patrick; Ammann, Max; Chen, Zhi Ning
A compact patch applicator designed to enhance targeted energy coupling at 434 MHz is a key enabler for sensitizing temperature increments in body regions containing superficial tumours. A detailed FDTD body model is used to explore simulated RF coupling and temperature increments for typical clinical conditions. The antenna impedance matching, specific absorption rate and thermal distribution parameters are evaluated to identify applied performance outcomes. The analysis reveals physiological-RF coupling patterns for an optimised closely-coupled single element applicator.
Keyword(s): Human tissue; Hyperthermia applicator; specific; Biomedical Devices and Instrumentation; Systems and Communications
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Type: Other
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Contributor(s): IRCSET
Institution: Dublin Institute of Technology
Citation(s): Articles
Publisher(s): Dublin Institute of Technology
File Format(s): application/pdf
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