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Welfare effects of tariffs and investment taxes
Neary, J. Peter
This paper derives first- and second-best levels of optimal tariffs and taxes on internationally mobile capital in a general model of an open economy. When world prices are fixed (so that non-intervention is optimal), iso-welfare contours in tax-tariff space are shown to be ellipses centred around the origin which are tilted upwards if and only if importables are relatively capital-intensive. Under plausible assumptions, the same is true in the large open economy case, except that the contours are now ellipses centred around the non-zero first-best intervention point. A hard copy is available in UCD Library at GEN 330.08 IR/UNI
Keyword(s): Tariff; Investments--Taxation; Welfare economics; Commercial policy
Publication Date:
Type: Working paper
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: University College Dublin
Publisher(s): University College Dublin. School of Economics
File Format(s): other; application/pdf
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