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The state of stocks of cod, whiting, sole and plaice on the west and southwest coasts of Ireland
Wheatley, S. B.; Connolly, P. L.; Woods, F.; Keatinge, M.; Doherty, M.
Stocks of cod, whiting, plaice and sole in ICES Divisions VIIb,c and VIIj,k are an important part of the Irish fishing resource yet, until 1993, were not subject to any assessment. Landings of these stocks in 1996 were valued at £8.6 million, representing 17% of the overall value of all Irish landings of demersal species. In 1993, the Fisheries Research Centre initiated a stock monitoring programme with the aim of providing adequate data to enable an assessment of these stocks. This paper presents the results of growth, catch curve and yield per recruit analyses from the monitoring programme conducted between 1993 and 1996. Preliminary results show that all of these stocks but sole in VIIb,c are over-exploited. TAC levels (based on reported catches in previous years) may be inappropriate for the current stock sizes. It is also important to compare biological characteristics between ICES Divisions to determine the appropriate assessment areas. Comparisons of biological parameters between areas have so far been inconclusive.
Keyword(s): cod; whiting; sole; plaice
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Type: Other
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: Marine Institute
Citation(s): Wheatley, S. B., Connolly, P. L., Woods, F., Keatinge, M. & Doherty, M., “The state of stocks of cod, whiting, sole and plaice on the west and southwest coasts of Ireland”, Irish Fisheries Investigations No. 3, Marine Institute 1999
Publisher(s): Marine Institute
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