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Good practices in mental health in Tallaght: a Mental Health Association of Ireland Pilot Project in co-operation with the Eastern Health Board
Mental Health Association of Ireland; Eastern Health Board (EHB)
INTRODUCTION TO GOOD PRACTICES IN MENTAL HEALTH The GPMB is an international community health project designed to describe and publicise local mental health services which represent a particularly high standard of mental health provision. It is not a research project but a method of showing that in most communities there are a number of imaginative effective services. It encourages an exchange of information about these good practices and stimulates others to build on what is already proving successful. Started by the International Hospital Federation in Britain in 1977, the project grew out of an international survey of health care in big cities. This revealed a universal impression that the mental health services were failing to cope. There were however, isolated examples of imaginative mental health schemes in all the cities, often operating on a small scale and at low cost. Information about such schemes tended to spread slowly , possibly because the people involved were too busy or modest to publicise their efforts. GPMB local studies are not intended to be comprehensive guides for consumers or referral agencies. They are local resource references of good ideas which have been put into practice and a source of practical information for those wishing to set up similar schemes. The descriptions are intentionally brief and always include the name and address of a contact who will provide further details. This report is primarily for local use but copies are sent to the GPMB data-bank which now has over 1000 project sheets available to anyone thinking of setting up a particular service. Details may be obtained from the Mental Health Association of Ireland, Mensana House, 6, Adelaide Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Telephone: 01-841166. The MBAI is particularly pleased to introduce this study to the Republic of Ireland in close co-operation with the Eastern Health Board. Tallaght, where this first study has been carried out , is a fairly new urban area with a high density population whose community health services are at the developmental stage. In selecting this area , it was felt that the identification of Good Practices in Tallaght would be of great value to the community because of the high level of demand being placed on the local health and social .
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Type: Report
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): Mental Health Association of Ireland in co-operation with the Eastern Health Board (EHB)
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