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North Eastern Area Health Board annual report 1997
North Eastern Health Board (NEHB)
During 1997, the Board continued to develop and improve its services for the people of the region and this report outlines the level and nature of that progress. The Chairman and members of the Board have been courageous and far sighted in the decisions they have taken in policy formation and innovation. They are creating an environment which encourages good work and best practice while being sensitive to the needs of the recipients and users of our services. The transfer of ownership of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda from the Medical Missionaries of Mary to the Board in May 1997 is of major significance to the region's health service and my appreciation and thanks are due to all involved in effecting a very smooth transfer. I would wish to record my appreciation to the members of the Medical Missionaries of Mary who worked with us on the transfer, to the late Mr. Eugene Quigley, then Chairman of the Board of Management of the Hospital whose skills and diplomacy played a crucial role, and to the members of my own staff who worked tirelessly to achieve a successful conclusion. The new opportunities now open to us will be fully used to maximise the benefit to patients throughout the region and to develop the services of the hospital and the Board. The Board continues to explore new ways of delivering its services to the benefit of the patients and clients. In all areas of the region, in all of the care groups and in both health and social services, we continue to explore better models and arrangements, new structures and innovative units. Our staff of over 5,000 is working throughout all areas of the region; we have a presence in virtually every town and village across the four counties. The range and complexity of our services are enormous; we are fortunate to have such a well motivated, committed and dedicated staff of many professions and disciplines working for the good of the health and social status of our region's population. As the largest public sector organisation in the region we are working closely with a wide range of other organisations, both public and private, and this collaboration and co-operation is both important and growing. This has been another successful year for the Board and its staff. The support of the public across the region, of the public representatives of the region, both local and national and of the patients, the clients and the users of our services has been of major importance to us and is very much appreciated.
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Type: Report
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): North Eastern Health Board (NEHB)
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