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Medical Research Council of Ireland annual report for the year ended 31st December 1983
Medical Research Council of Ireland
The main remit of the Council is to promote and support medical research and this continues as in previous years, support taking the form of project grants and funding of special research units as well as the Council laboratories in Trinity College, Dublin. There have been a number of important developments in the year under review. The Council has been conscious for some time that much important information on medical research does not reach those for whom it is intended - individual investigators throughout the country. It was therefore decided to publish a newsletter each January and July in the lrish Medical Journals. The newsletter contains up-to-date information on developments in medical research not only in Ireland but also in Europe. Thus, the different types of funding available here are publicised and the relevant happenings in Europe arc reported. The latter emanate mainly from the EEC committees in Brussels and from the European Medical Research Councils Group in Strasbourg which is a standing committee of the European Science Foundation. Two new research units were funded in 1983 - the Lung Fibre is Unit, under the direction of Professor M. X. Fitzgerald in University College, Dublin, and the Hospital Infection Unit under the direction of Professor J. P. Arbuthnott in Trinity College and Professor C. T. Keane in St. James's Hospital, Dublin. The Council considers that such research unit funding is a particularly effective means of supporting programmes of research over a number of years and plans to seek applications for three units to start in January 1986. These will replace three of the original units started in 1979.
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