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Medical Research Council of Ireland annual report for the year ended 31st December 1974
Medical Research Council of Ireland
The considerable support of medical scientists has required the Council to take an interest in their training. In lieu of formal training programmes such as exist in other countries, a quasi-apprentice arrangement has prevailed. Many grants include provision for a graduate assistant who obtains a variable measure of training under supervision of the grant holder. Other young scientists may obtain fellowships at a stage of their career when training is incomplete; informal association with colleagues in their institution replaces supervised training to some extent. Neither suffices as substitute for an essential training program necessary for the proper training of man-power required for effective biomedical research. Both suffer the defect of premature diversion of trainees into whole time research which tends to narrow activity and stultify future adaptability to changes in research. There is a real danger of the young scientist being locked into the machinery of a powerful and limiting research effort. The decision to continue support of scientists in training under research grants requires that the budget should include a training grant in order to assure a sustained level of training and also evidence that an adequate training program is available in the department. Otherwise the cost of the training is at the expense of the on-going research and results in no net saving of grant funds. The Council has been re-evaluating the merits of training grants in the light of such factors, and considering the proportion of assistant grants which properly belong in that category.
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