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Medical Research Council of Ireland annual report for the year ended 31st December 1978
Medical Research Council of Ireland
The Medical Research Council. is primarily concerned with the excellence and veracity of investigative programmes. The role of medical research is one which is frequently raised by the lay person. It is a commonly stated opinion that medical research is really a function of developed and rich societies in which poorer societies, like our own, should not become involved. Reference, in fact, to our deficiency of research experience was made in the foreword to the last annual report of the Council, with particular reference to the failure of Irish scientists to contribute to our fullest capability and capacity to the solution of European orientated research projects. It is very important to remember that medical research has many roles in addition to the important role of solving specific medical problems. It enables us to foster in our community an enthusiasm for clinical and basic investigation, and also to foster a more critical and analytical approach to current clinical practising procedures. There is no doubt but that the practice of medicine in those areas in which there is an active research orientation has a level of excellence which is an example to the community and an ideal to which young graduates aspire. Promotion of medical research enables us to be associated with scientific investigations going on in other countries and thus very importantly enables us to apply the results of such investigations to our community as soon as such knowledge becomes available. Indeed the needs of the community for medical research are perhaps not adequately appreciated. As mentioned in the foreword of last year's report, the Council hopes to establish special research unit projects which will be particularly related to our local needs, and the selection of criteria for the choice of such research priorities occupied a considerable percentage of the Council's time during the year. The future aspirations of the Medical Research Council involve therefore not only the continued support of research projects as in previous years, but also the promotion of research into areas which the Council consider would be of particular value to the Irish community either in terms of primary health care or of the particular facilities and expertise available.
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Publisher(s): Medical Research Council of Ireland
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