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Persistent at-risk-of-poverty in Ireland: an analysis of the survey on income and living conditions 2005-2008
Maître, Bertrand; Russell, Helen; Watson, Dorothy
Poverty is a multi-faceted phenomenon, influenced by a wide range of socio-economic processes, and the characteristics of a population identified as poor can be quite heterogeneous. Poverty is also an ongoing process rather than a static position. These features of poverty represent a real challenge to policy makers in any attempt to identify the most appropriate and efficient policy responses. Individual and household poverty is very often measured at one point in time. This is the approach which is taken with cross-sectional analysis of poverty. While cross-sectional analysis of poverty is extremely important, it still constitutes a snapshot of a situation at a precise point of time. By excluding the time dimension, this approach limits our understanding of poverty since it cannot assess the duration of poverty, transitions into and out of poverty, nor the effect of people’s previous experience of poverty and the influential role it plays on current (and future) poverty outcomes. Also, a cross-sectional approach to poverty does not distinguish those who are poor on a once-off basis, due to specific circumstances, from those who are in poverty for a longer period of time for more profound and entrenched reasons. Each of these would clearly require different policy responses.
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Type: Report
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): Department of Social Protection
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