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Report of the Chief Health Inspector City of Dublin 1984
Eastern Health Board (EHB)
The purpose of this. Report is to place on record for the Eastern Health Board and the Corporation of Dublin the work performed by health inspectors on behalf of both authorities. It also provides an opportunity to indicate trends and to comment on them where appropriate. The Report represents the work of the City Health Inspectorate for the calendar year 1984 but in the case of the control of certain air pollutants the year commenced on the 1st April, 1984 and closed on the 3lst March, 1985. Prior to the formation of the Health Boards (or Health Authorities), health inspectors were employed by the local authorities, who were then the health authorities. This goes back to 1970 and in the case of Dublin, Cork; Limerick and Waterford to 1960. The division of personnel was clear-cut in most cases but not so in the case of health inspectors, whose duties and responsibilities bridged the functions of both Health Boards and Local AuthoritIes: It was estimated that the majority of the work was on the local authority side and rather than having a division of staff, arrangements were made by way of Sec 25(3) of the Health Act 1970 whereby health inspectors became authorised officers of the local authority for the purpose of certain legislation. The reporting relationship :of the Health Inspectorate is -therefore a two way one - to the Eastern Health Board on matters such as food control, infectious diseases, port health and pest control. and to Dublin Corporation through three Departments -Abusing Planning Unfit houses, repairs, re-housing. Input at planning stage on environmental reality matters. Community & Environment - General matters of sanitation and Bye-Laws: The organisation of the Health Inspectorate is such as to provide for work at district level of a general nature with a number of back-up specialists units for more in-depth study.
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Type: Report
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Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): Eastern Health Board (EHB)
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