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Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace: Legal framework and review of legal decisions 1999 to 2008
Banks, Joanne; Russell, Helen
The experience of being in employment while pregnant or returning to work after having a child is not well researched in Ireland or indeed internationally. This report forms part of a major new research study on women’s experiences in the workplace during and after pregnancy commissioned by the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme and the Equality Authority. In addition to this report, the research involved a literature review examining a range of literature on pregnancy at work (Russell & Banks, 2011) and a nationwide survey of 2,300 women who gave birth between July 2007 and June 2009 (Russell, Watson, Banks, forthcoming). The broad objective of the research was to investigate the influence of pregnancy and childbirth on women’s employment experiences, including an assessment of pregnancy-related discrimination in Ireland, and how these experiences are shaped by organisational factors and women’s attitudes and characteristics. Studies in Ireland and in other countries show that a significant proportion of women experience negative or unfair treatment in the workplace during pregnancy (Adams, 2005; La Valle et al, 2008; Russell and Banks, 2011; Russell, Watson, Banks, forthcoming). Such treatment can range from the extreme of dismissal on notification of pregnancy, unfair selection for redundancy or missing out on a promotion to more subtle forms of unequal treatment, such as changes in attitude from employers or co-workers. This also includes incidents of discrimination or dismissal after the birth of the child, where women are dismissed on return to work, sidelined or demoted in their job, or refused a change in their working hours by employers.
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Type: Report
Peer-Reviewed: Unknown
Language(s): English
Contributor(s): HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): Health Service Executive (HSE)
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