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Health and well-being of family carers in Ireland: Results of a survey of recipients of the carer’s allowance
O'Sullivan, Liam
There is little Irish research that documents the self-reported health status of family carers. This research published by Care Alliance Ireland examines the relationship between caring and health and well-being and offers suggestions for future policy development. Low-income, full-time family carers are hypothesised to be a group that is particularly vulnerable to poor health. A sample of 10 per cent (2,834) of the recipients of the state Carer’s Allowance (CA) payment was surveyed in April 2007 using a self -administered questionnaire, with the sample being representative of CA recipients in terms of marital status, age, gender and county of residence. This sample is not however necessarily representative of the entire family carer community in the Republic of Ireland. Eligibility for the Carer’s Allowance is dependent on several criteria; significantly that the caring is full-time and that income is below a certain level. The 2006 Census figures indicate that three quarters of family carers report providing care on a part-time basis (i.e. less than 43 hours per week). This group of family carers sampled, therefore, may be considered to be a sample of full-time carers with low to moderate income. A response rate of 50 per cent was achieved. Just over 80 per cent of respondents were female and 20 per cent were male. It was considered important to compare key responses of the questionnaire with a wider population sample, and for that purpose the responses were compared with the SLÁN 02 survey, based on a national population. In order to ensure accurate comparison, the data from the SLÁN ’02 survey were weighted for various factors including age, gender and educational attainment.
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Language(s): English
Institution: Lenus
Publisher(s): Care Alliance Ireland
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