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Impact of emissions information on mode choices in Dublin
The rise of smartphone applications within the transport sector has created new and exciting opportunities to provide users with a wide range of previously unavailable information services. The combination of journey planning applications and carbon calcul ators, allows for the provision of trip specific information regarding the potential environmental impact of personal transport options. While these applications are readily available in the market place, little in terms of scientific research has been und ertaken to examine their influence on users. This paper presents the results of a stated preference experiment examining influence of carbon dioxide emissions information on user mode choice, as part of a survey undertaken in the Greater Dublin Area in Nov ember 2012. Acknowledging research findings arising from the field of behavioural economics, this study recognizes that mode choices are also influenced by factors other than the attributes presented to the user. In addition to standard socioeconomic consi derations, the influence of the respondents? habitual transport behaviour was incorporated into the multinomial logit model. Moreover, due to the issue of information prese ntation inherent in smartphone a pplications, the effect of the respondents? process of information assimilation was examined. Results indicate that, for all non driving modes, emissions play a significant role in the respondents? mode choice, with reduced associated emissions contributing to enhanced mode utility. The inclusion of habitua l and information processing variables was found to greatly improve upon the initial model in terms of predictive power
Keyword(s): Climate change; Smart & Sustainable Planet
Publication Date:
Type: Conference item
Peer-Reviewed: No
Language(s): English
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Citation(s): Brazil, W., Caulfield, B., Impact of emissions information on mode choices in Dublin, ITRN, TCD, 2013, 2013
Alternative Title(s): ITRN
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