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About RIAN content

RIAN uses the internet protocol, OAI-PMH to harvest metadata records from compliant Irish institutional repositories. The records are then aggregated, normalised and made available via the website. The metadata format used for harvesting is based on Simple Dublin Core. RIAN does not contain the full-text files of items, but provides a link back to the source repository where the full-text file can be downloaded. The ‘full-text link’ allows you to access the item in the source repository.



To perform a simple search in RIAN, enter keywords in the search box located on the homepage, and also available on the top right hand corner of each page on the website.


To do an advanced search in RIAN, click on the ‘Advanced Search’ link in the main menu.


You will see three search boxes:




From the drop down list you can select ‘Any’, ‘All’, ’None of these’, ’Exact Phrase’




From the right hand side drop down list you can select whether you want to search in ‘Keyword (All Fields)’, ’Title’, ’Author’, ’Subject’, ‘Institution’, or ‘Funder’




You can also select a date range from the drop down list below the search fields.


If you wish to add more search queries you can click on the + button.


Optionally, you can filter your search by checking options from ‘Item type’, ‘Peer Review Status’, ’Institution’, ’Funder’ and ’Language’.


Once you are done, please click on the ‘Search’ button.



The RIAN browse page allows you to browse by Author, by Institution, by Item Type, by Funder and by Year of publication.




Browse by Author

To browse by author, select a letter from the menu or enter the first few letters of an author’s surname in the box. Click on ‘Go’.


On the results list you can click on the name of an author to view the items in RIAN associated with that name.


Browse by Institution

Click on ‘Institution’ to browse a list of the institutions whose items are available in RIAN. Click on one of the institutions to view all the items on RIAN that are affiliated with that institution.


Browse by Types

Click on ‘Types’ to browse a list of the publication types available in RIAN. You can select a type, e.g. Journal article, to view all the journal articles available in RIAN.


Browse by Funder

Click on ‘Funder’ to browse items in RIAN by grant funders.


Browse by Year

Click on ‘Year’ to browse items in RIAN by their year of publication.



The results list shows all the items in RIAN that match your search/browse criteria.

Sort your results

By default your search results are sorted by relevance and browse results are sorted by title. Click on the drop down menu to change how your results are sorted. You can sort by Title, Author, Item type, Date, Institution, Peer review status, or Language. Click on ‘Update’ to re-sort your results.

Limit your results

You can limit results by selecting options from the right hand side of your results list. Then click on ‘Limit Results’ to update your results list.



View an item from your results

If you wish to find out more details about an item click on the + symbol. This will give you an expanded preview of the item, including the abstract and link to the full-text in the source repository.


Click on the title of the item to view full bibliographic details and statistics about the item.

Export your results

You can export your results list in various formats – Bibtex, CSV, EndNote, RefWorks, RIS, XML. To do this, select an export format from the drop down list. Then click on the ‘Export Results’ button. You will then be prompted to open or save the export file.


Create an RSS feed based on your search/browse criteria

You can click on the RSS icon beside the ‘Export Results’ button to receive a feed of all new items in RIAN that match your search/browse criteria.


Add items to the Marked List

You can add an item to the Marked List by checking the Mark box beside the item, and then clicking on ‘Add to Marked List’.



To view all items that you have been marked in a session click on ‘Marked List’ from the top menu. You can export items from the Marked List in the following formats: Bibtex, CSV, EndNote, RefWorks, RIS, XML.




To receive an email of items from your Marked List, click on ‘Email List’. You will then be prompted to enter your email address.


You can adjust the size of text on the website by clicking on the A A A symbols.


You can adjust how text is displayed on the website. To change the website to display text on a white background click on the white box. To display text on a black background click on the black box.


Tag Cloud

The tag cloud allows you to see the most popular search queries or keywords in RIAN. By default, the most popular queries are displayed. To view the most popular keywords, click on the word ‘Keywords’.

You can click on any of the words in the tag cloud to search for all items that contain that keyword.




The statistics page provides information about the items that have been added to RIAN

Table information

This table gives details about the number of items in RIAN, broken down by Institution and Item Type. You can adjust the time period and click on ‘Update the results’ to view the number of items in RIAN during a particular time period.

Click on ‘Download as CSV’ to save the results as a file.

New Entries

This page gives a list of the total number of new items added to RIAN during the specified time period. The results can be adjusted to show a specific subset of new items – e.g. you can view new journal articles added to RIAN by selecting ‘Journal article’ from the Type drop-down list. Then click on ‘Update the results’ to view the subset.


This page allows you to view a graph/pie chart of items in RIAN, broken down by ‘Institution’, ‘Type’, ‘Peer Review’ or ‘Funder’. The time period can be adjusted.

Live Traffic

This page displays a live traffic feed showing the location of the latest unique visitors to RIAN and the latest items they have viewed.