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Mary Immaculate College

Mary Immaculate College (MIC) is an autonomous third-level college of Education and Liberal Arts, linked academically with the University of Limerick. With a distinctive mission and differentiated role in the higher education sector, MIC is of integral strategic importance to Ireland’s education system. MIC graduates represent a significant percentage of the State’s primary teacher supply and, concomitantly, the contribution of the College to Ireland’s Knowledge Society is direct, real and significant.

Founded in 1898, Mary Immaculate College has a current student population of c. 3,100, a ten-fold increase over the last 20 years or so. Along with this rapid expansion of the student population, academic provision has diversified significantly. The College offers four undergraduate degree programmes and multiple postgraduate programmes at Master’s and Doctoral level in Education and in the Liberal Arts. In recent times the physical campus of the College has been transformed, offering exceptional teaching and learning facilities to staff, students and members of the wider community.The college supports a wide range of academic and professional research.

Through its Strategic Plan 2012-2016 the context for the future development of the College calls for strong continuity with its founding vision: that the opportunity to participate in education is a key determinant of quality of life and of social equity. Unique and innovative for its time, this mission now carries more importance than ever with the continuum of Irish educational provision required to meet the demands of a socially, culturally and economically diverse society.

Direct access to the Mary Immaculate Research Repository (MIRR) can be found at